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Native American Judo & Self Defense 

To teach Judo and self defense to Native American boys and girls to ignite the warrior in themselves.


To develop awareness of surroundings and how to protect themselves in dangerous situations without fear using self defense and Judo.

*Native American Judo is funded by the Keiko Fukuda and Shelley Fernandez Judo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization

Native American Judo and Self Defense Classes

Classes for Native American Children Ages 5-12

Soko Joshi Judo Club

1622 Castro St
San Francisco, CA

Saturdays 4-5:30 PM


Classes for Native American Middle & High School Ages 13-18

Zhi Dao Guan- The Taoist Center

3824 Macarthur Blvd
Oakland, CA

Fridays 5-6 PM


Interested in classes near you?

The vision of Native American Judo is to offer Judo to those anywhere in the United States who may not have the opportunity to study Judo 

The Foundation is sponsoring and would like to continue to sponsor Judo programs across the country for documented Native American children or women, on or off reservations, who are interested. 

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Note: The Foundation provides all expenses (uniform, tuition, and instructors) at no cost to participants


About the Foundation

Native American Judo is a vision of Shihan Keiko Fukuda, 10th degree Grand Master, and Dr. Shelley Fernandez, both dedicated Judo practitioners (Judokas). It was Shihan Fukuda's desire to teach Judo to girls and women regardless of socioeconomic status and especially to those who cam from low income families. The two opened and operated the Soko Joshi Women's Judo Club in San Francisco in 1966 which is still open today.

After Shihan Fukuda's passing, Dr. Shelley has pursued the legacy of providing Judo to those who may not otherwise afford classes. Currently, the Foundation has sponsored fifteen Judo schools for girls in India. The Foundation provides mats, Judo uniforms (gis), and instructors for the classes to flourish. 


The Foundation also sponsors a successful Judo program with the Native American Children's Center in Oakland, CA (Sensei Dr. Alex Feng) and San Francisco, CA (Sensei Dianne Albright). It is a long-standing desire of Dr. Shelley to offer Judo to Native American students withing the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond (both urban and reservation settings).

Dianne S. Albright, member of the Wiyot Tribe, has a Black Belt and has practiced Judo since 1986.

Nedra Darling, a member of the Prairie Potawatomie Tribe, is Board Member of the Foundation and supports the vision and legacy of Keiko Fukuda.


The Grandmother of Judo

“Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful in Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

― Keiko Fukuda (Shihan Fukuda)

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